Wedding Photography

So you’re getting married. Wahoo! By now your probably searching for all the professionals to help make your wedding day memorable and run perfectly while balancing out your style and budget. Luckily, we’re here to help.  

Let’s start with the photos because I like those best. Ahhh wedding photography – there are so many different ways to capture your day. Do you go super traditional? Completely casual? Just capture the ceremony and reception? Do you want the shots of you putting on your dress and hanging out with your bridesmaids? How about the group shots of the bridal party? Oh and your family? Maybe even a huge group shot of everyone that is at the wedding? Oh, and don’t forget the detail shots – there are lots of details at a wedding.  So how do you balance out all the images and moments in a day and still keep your head on straight? You go with a professional you can trust (sorry Uncle Joe).  

But you’ve got to make sure you can trust them with your special day, because it only happens once. Luckily, we are here for you. We take the time to get to know you. You aren’t just another bride and groom in our eyes; you are OUR bride and groom. We care about you, and we care about the wedding running smoothly. We’ll help you with anything you need, just to make sure the wedding day runs perfectly. . . . yup, that means we carry granola bars and water, plus know how to lace up a dress, tie a tie, find the order of marching, and just about anything else wedding related.  

We focus quite a bit on artistic contemporary photography . . . . they tend to be less formal and more fun and look really cool -  whimsically elegant would be a good way to describe it  We like to get to know you and your fiancé prior to the wedding. For us, that’ll be a face to face meeting or two (or three) lots o’emails and a few phone calls so we are all on the same page. I want to know what you like and are thinking for the wedding. I’ll help you plan and brainstorm all you like.  

Our wedding packages are a bit different, too. We don’t have a set hourly rate, and we don’t offer partial day packages. If we are your photographer, you’re stuck with us for the entire day. This means that we are with you from the time you put on your dress until the dancing at your reception.  You’ll be guided and followed by your own personal paparazzi. All of our packages include a CD of printable images (fully edited, too), and an album.  The higher up on the package list you go, the more goodies and extras you get. Our packages start at $3000.  

We  even know a ton of amazing vendors in the area - - from cakes and flowers to limos and venues.   

If anything here sounds entertaining, or you just want to chat a bit, feel free to email or facebook. We also occasionally answer the telephone too ;)

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