Beautiful Photo Studio is a family owned portrait studio in Spokane, Washington. We aren’t a big photo chain; everything here is extremely personalized.

 We have a ton of personality. We take the time to figure out exactly how you want to be photographed and then work with you to accomplish that goal. This means that we meet with you before the portrait session just to chat about what you want to see. During this consultation, we will plan out the style – from casual and candid photography, or more edgy, to a more formal portrait. We’ll also chat about clothing, hair, make-up, accessories, props, and other details. By having this consultation and meeting you before the actual portrait session, your photographer is able to know who you are and the type of photo you want to create. This means we will get lots of great images.  

We have a whimsically elegant style of photography, meaning we combine the fun candid moments with a traditional style to create a fun and quirky image. We like to play and joke around to bring out your natural smiles and expressions. This means you won’t get those strange “cheese” pictures. Instead, we’ll get you set up in a way that makes you look amazing, emphasizing your good features, and then relax you so we can get those real moments. You’ll love how you look in your photos.

We truly are local Spokane photographers who can help you capture the personality of your family portraits or high school senior. Ok, baby photography and headshot photography are pretty amazing, too.

Oh yeah, we are also completely portable – so if you don’t want to have your pictures taken at our photo studio in Spokane, we can do location portraits, too.  This means that we can do your family portraits at lake Coeur D’Alene, or your senior portraits at a pool. We’re flexible when it comes to photography.


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